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Important points of the competition

  • Todoroki Athletics Stadium will serve as both the start and finish point!
  • Time limit is flexible. Even beginners can apply without pressure.
  • Kawasaki citizen can apply early.
  • The certificate for the web record will be issued on the same day!
  • Your number card will be mailed prior to the race.
  • People who applied in 2019 will have priority to apply first.

competition outline

●Race Date:November 15th 2020(Sun) Rain or Shine
(might be cancelled in case of severe weather)

Opening ceremony 9:15
First Event 9:30(Half-marathon)
12:05(Family Fun Running)
Ends 12:30

There may be changes to the schedule.

Venu / Course

Todoroki Athletics Stadium will be the start/finish point and Tama-Ensen Road and the Tamagawa River Marathon Course will be used.

Event / Category / Eligibility / Entry Limit

Event Category Eligibility Entry Limit
Male,age 29 or younger Age 18 or older and healthy.(high school participants not included) 3,850runners
Male,age between 30 and 39
Male,age between 40 and 49
Male,age between 50 and 59
Male,age between 60 and 69
Male,age 70 or older
Female,age 29 or younger
Female,age between 30 and 39
Female,age between 40 and 49
Female,age between 50 and 59
Female,age between 60 and 69
Female,age 70 or older
10km Race Male,age 29 or younger Age 15 and older and healthy.(junior high school participants not included) 2,200runnners
Male,age between 30 and 39
Male,age between 40 and 49
Male,age between 50 and 59
Male,age between 60 and 69
Male,age 70 or older
Female,age 29 or younger
Female,age between 30 and 39
Female,age between 40 and 49
Female,age between 50 and 59
Female,age between 60 and 69
Female,age 70 or older
3km Race Elementary school male
(5th~6th graders)
5th graderand and older and healthy. 440 runners
Junior high school male
General Participant Male*
Elementary school female
(5th~6th graders)
Junior high school female
General Participant Female*
Family Fun Running
(about 1km)
Elementary school male(1th~2th graders) Elementary school
(lower grades)With a parent
(200 runners)
Elementary school female(1th~2th graders)
Elementary school male(3th~4th graders) Elementary school
(middle grades)With a parent
(200 runners)
Elementary school female(3th~4th graders)
Elementary school male(5th~6th graders) Elementary school
(upper grades)With a parent
(200 runners)
Elementary school female(5th~6th graders)
  • ※ high school student age and above
  • ※ For all events, runners must not have cardiopulmonaryconditions and be physically fit for their chosen race.
  • ※ The application for each race will be closed when the application limit is reached.

Ceremony and Records

  1. Prizes are awarded to the first 8 finishers.
  2. 1st to 8th place finishers will all receive a certificate.1st to 3rd place finishers will also receive a medal.
  3. Everyone who finishes the race will be issued the record certificate on the same day onsite.
  4. Every participant will receive a T-shirt as a participation prize.

Entry Fees

Half-Marathon 5,250yen
10km Race(General participant)
※Excluding high school students
10km Race(High school students) 2,750yen
3km Race(General Participant)
※Excluding high school students
3km Race(High school students) 2,750yen
3km Race(Elementary・Junior high school students) 2,250yen
Family Fun Running
(lower・middle・upper grades)

Event Rules

  1. Barriers will be placed at Todoroki (17 km from the start;within 2 hours and 14 minutes of the start) and Shimonoge(18.5 km from the start; within 2 hours and 25 minutes of thestart) for the half-marathon.
  2. Barriers will be placed at Kitamikata(3 km from the start;within 25 minutes of the start) for the 10km Race.
  3. Please follow the instructions of race officials.
  4. Race officials might stop a participant if they decide that a participant will not be able to finish within set time limit or is unable to continue.
  5. If an escort runner is necessary, please consult in advance.
  6. Race rules conform to the 2021 Japan Association of Athletics Federations Rules.
  7. Those who are not in time for the start time can not run.


  1. We will send you the number card and participation information to the address you applied at late October. Please be sure to bring your number card on the day of the race.
  2. These who do not have a number card can not run.
  3. Please fill in the required items on the physical condition check sheet sent in advance and submit it to the reception desk and complete the reception within the designated time.
    Participation will not be permitted if the physical condition check sheet has not been submitted, or if the person is infected. With the coronavirus, suspected of being infected, or has close contact.
  4. Even if there is a theft or loss, we can not take responsibility.
  5. The event may be canceled in the case of bad weather, natural disasters, incidents, any accidents, other reasons, or if we believe that the organizers can not ensure the safety of participants.
  6. If the event is canceled due to reasons beyond the control of the organizer including cancellation due to social circumstances, the entry fees will not be refunded.


  1. Because there are few parking lots, please do not come by car.Please do not cheer loudly.
  2. Baggage storage (except for valuables ) will be provided for the runners.
  3. Please line up at the starting line according to instructions from staff members.Please keep in mind ゛socinal distance.″
  4. The runners may decide what clothes to wear. However, excessive costumes that may disturb other runners will not be permitted (Number cards should be visible.).
  5. Runners who suffer injuries during the course of the event will be provided first aid and will be compensated by the insurance taken out by the organizer to the extent permitted by such coverage.
  6. The rights to post videos, pictures, articles and records on TV, the Internet, and in newspapers and magazines belong to the organizer.
  7. From the viewpoint of environment consideration of Tamagawa and prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection, please bring your garbage with you including used mask.
    ※If the number of applicants reaches the maximum before the general application,the application will not be accepted.
  8. If the organizer decides to cancel the event for reasons beyond its control from the start of registration until one week before the event(November14,2021), an online marathon using the designated GPS application will be held as an alternative event.
    If the organizer decides to cancel the event for reasons beyond its control after November 15,2021, no alternative event will be held.

Entry Registration

You can apply from the competition website.
【Competition website】
You can choose the payment method at the time of registration. (Credit card, convenience store, ATM)
※Separately, There is fee for registration.

Registration Agreement

To complete the registration, please acknowledge that you have agreed with terms and conditions of this agreement below and then, fill out the form.

  1. Change of events or cancellation of participation due to personal reasons is not permitted after submitting applications. Also, overpayment and double payment will not be refunded.
  2. In the case the event is cancelled due to a reason which is not the sponsor’s fault such as an earthquake, a natural disaster, an incident, an accident, or some other social condition, the entry fee will not be refunded. Other cases will be handled based on discussions with the sponsor depending on the level of necessity.
  3. The participant shall bear in mind that they should be in good health without a heart disease or illness and they have sufficiently trained for this event. The participant shall take responsibility for things such as injuries, sickness, accidents, and the loss of personal belongings when participating in this event.
  4. In the case the sponsor determines that continuing the competition will be difficult during the event, participants shall immediately obey the sponsor’s orders to cancel the competition. In addition, the participants shall obey the sponsor’s orders concerning safety and event management.
  5. In the case an injury or sickness arises during the event, the participant shall not refuse receiving first-aid. The participant shall not call the sponsor to account for things such as the method or process of the first-aid.
  6. The sponsor is exempted from the responsibility for things such as the loss of personal belongings during the event and the participant shall not make requests such as compensation for damages.
  7. The participant shall understand that compensation for accidents, injuries, and sickness during the event falls within the range of the insurance subscribed to by the sponsor.
  8. The participation of families and relatives, guardians (if the participant is a minor) or team members (concerning the entry of representatives) is accepted.
  9. Participants who falsify their name or gender on the application, or a participant other than the person who applied (alternate runners) will not be allowed to participate in the event. In the case something like this is discovered, the participant shall obey the sponsor’s decisions which may include participation and commendations being revoked or qualifications being taken away for future events. In addition, the sponsor cannot take any responsibility at all for matters such as emergency care or refunds for participants who falsify their application or alternate runners.
  10. The participant shall accept that materials such as images, photos, articles, and records (personal information such as name, age, gender, records, likenesses) will be reported, published, and used in mediums such as newspapers, TV, magazines, the Internet, and pamphlets. In addition, rights for the publishing and usage of these materials belong to the sponsor.
  11. Personal information of the participants will be managed according to rules laid down by the organizer.
    12.Other application terms except those described above shall be in accordance with event regulations specified separately by the event organizers.

Personal Information Handling

The event organizers acknowledge the significance of personal information and adhere to laws pertaining to personal information protection and related acts to handle personal information, while utilizing their policy. The event organizers will, with intent of providing event participants with better service, use personal
information provided for the purpose of sending event invitations, notification of results, related information, flyers of the next event, service offer from support/cooperative/related bodies in connection with the event, and announcements of records (record ranking, etc). Also, the event organizers or entrusted entities may contact the participants in regards to registration contents.

Contact(E-mail or Fax Only)

Kawasaki City Sports Association

Citizens’ and Cultural Affairs Bureau
Citizens’ Sports Office



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